USA 34°57' N, 81°56' W
— Dynamic growth with steadily decreasing emissions

Spartanburg plant profile

Construction: 1994
Vehicle production (2012): 301,519
BMW vehicles: X3, X5, X6, X5 M,
X6 M
Associates: around 5,000
Sustainable energy from landfill gases: around 50 %
Reduction in CO2 emissions: 92,000 tons/year

Resource-efficient production
using environmentally friendly
energy sources and knowledge
transfer with local institutions.
Partnership unites us.

BMW plant Spartanburg has not only grown dynamically, but also
developed an extensive network.
Through projects with local partners
we are able to continually reduce the plant’s dependence on fossil fuels
and enhance our flexibility and efficiency, as well as our sustainability
balance sheet. The plant’s capacity expansion to around 350,000
vehicles per year goes hand in hand with higher productivity and lower
emissions per vehicle.

Clean Production Milestones
at BMW Plant Spartanburg


Clean Production Milestones
at BMW Plant Spartanburg

The BMW Group was the first German premium automobile
manufacturer to launch its own production operations in
the US back in 1994. Since then, the number of pioneering
Clean Production projects has continued to increase in
line with our production figures.

The State House in the heart of Columbia is home to the
government of South Carolina.

Partnership unites us:
BMW Plant Spartanburg
and local partners
in South Carolina, USA

With a large number of research institutes, highly qualified skilled workers and active citizens, South Carolina is the ideal location for the BMW Group’s US plant. In consultation with them, we continue to evolve and refine our plant.

Three of the many local partners discuss their reasons and goals for collaboration:

The Spartanburg plant has plenty of room for ideas and
sustainable innovations.